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Climate Change, Air Quality and Public Health program

An important part of our climate change and air quality program involves advocacy work in Missouri's Public Service Commission urging it to adopt favorable policies that reward utilities for implementing solar, wind and energy efficiency.

  We monitor actions taken by federal, state and local governments that will impact the quality of the air breathed by the citizens of Missouri and surrounding states. Great Rivers is frequently involved in matters that adversely affect air quality. Measures taken by Great Rivers include drafting comments to proposed rules, issuing position papers about the pollutants, and, as a last resort, handling litigation for clients seeking to improve air quality.

Great Rivers seeks to protect the public health by preventing further deterioration of the region’s air and water quality, and by reducing and preventing exposure to toxic substances. Our public health program consists of aiding organizations that seek legal assistance in connection with their work to protect the public health.

Floodplain protection program

Our floodplain protection program consists of bringing legal challenges to environmentally detrimental floodplain development and the over-engineering of rivers by means of levees and dams which destroy floodplains and aggravate flooding risk. These activities affect all of the people who inhabit and work in the watersheds of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers which drain major portions of the central and northwestern United States.

Wetlands protection program

A primary component of our wetlands protection program consists of monitoring permit applications to dredge and fill wetlands. Great Rivers issues comments on proposals and assists environmental groups and individuals in their legal challenges to protect wetlands.

Water quality program

Great Rivers seeks to protect and preserve the waters of Missouri and surrounding states. Our water quality program begins with monitoring proposed federal, state and local actions that will adversely affect water quality. Great Rivers is frequently involved in matters that adversely impact water quality. This includes assisting environmental groups, citizens’ organizations and individuals in their legal challenges designed to protect the quality of the waters.

Land Use Program

Our land use program consists of assisting environmental groups, citizens groups and individuals in their efforts to preserve and protect open space, forests and wilderness areas. Great Rivers issues comments on proposed rules that may affect environmentally sensitive areas, and as a last resort, represents environmental groups in litigation to enforce the laws.

Environmental Justice Program

Great Rivers is committed to monitoring permitting actions for sites proposed for development that will unfairly burden minority or low income populations. Great Rivers has evaluated proposed developments to determine whether permitting authorities have unfairly targeted disadvantaged populations. Great Rivers has asserted environmental justice claims against the City of St. Louis and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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