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Great Rivers Environmental Law Center Fact Sheet

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit organization founded by St. Louis environmental attorney Lewis C. Green in 2002. The Center took over the existing pro bono environmental litigation of the law firm Green, Hennings & Henry LLP.

The primary purpose of Great Rivers Environmental Law Center is to provide public interest legal services to organizations, citizens' groups and individuals who seek to protect the environment and public health.

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center works through the courts and administrative agencies to safeguard the environment by enforcing environmental laws, especially air and water pollution laws, and laws intended to protect wetlands, floodplains, open space, and endangered species.

The issues which we address often have national significance, although the majority of our work is within Missouri and Illinois.

Cases will be accepted where there is a broad public interest involved and the client's financial interest in the outcome is insufficient to justify retention of a private law firm.

Factors considered in determining whether to accept a case include:

  • significance of the environmental impact;
  • likelihood of obtaining a favorable result;
  • possibility of establishing a legal precedent of broad significance;
  • support of environmental groups;
  • availability of funding; and
  • degree to which the case fits the strategic plans of Great Rivers Environmental Law Center.
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